Friday, January 9, 2015

I just need to write it out...

or run it out, but that would require too much energy at this point so writing it is.

My goodness, we are moving to Tulsa two weeks from today! I have tried to convince Kyle, and lately myself, that I can stay behind while the house sells and take care of my three littles, AND my growing belly, AND keep a house clean enough to show. I would LOVE to stay with my current OB who has delivered two of my babies, and talked me through a miscarriage, and provided my current prenatal care. But alas, as the date approaches I am succumbing to the realization that it will be much easier to just be near my hubby. I kind of like the guy... as in madly love! So here we go, hold on to your seats Hadley family.

Why is a VBAC so important to me? I am second guessing my resolve as I spent the morning calling hospital after hospital and OB after OB. Especially when often the reply was, "What is a VBAC?" or "You want what?" That is a little less than encouraging. Dr. Griffith, my current OB, expressed his opinion on the decline of the VBAC. Apparently its less about risk and more about money. The hospital has to pay staff to be on hand for an emergency C-section the whole time I am laboring so it loses money. Also, the doctor performing the VBAC spends more time and earns less money vs a C-section. In my opinion, I'd rather be charged extra for the VBAC. Not that I want to pay more, but I'd rather have to pay more than not have options. Am I alone in this?

The OB I finally decided to set up an appointment with is booked out so I'm waiting to find out from her medical assistant if she can work me in. I may go with a midwife in Tulsa - appointment pending paperwork faxed over. Of course my current OB is only open Tuesday through Thursday so that will have to wait a few days.

 I spent the last week deep cleaning and de-cluttering our home. Mom's Group was Thursday and I felt like Cinderella without a fairy godmother because I missed the "ball" to finish cleaning/staging the house. It paid off because our realtor (Joe Reed - he is amazing) sent a text "Oh my gosh the pictures turned out AMAZING!!!!!" And really, I can't say I don't have a fairy godmother, I have several. My children have barely been home this week. They've been having a blast at all their friends houses and crying when I go pick them up. Bibbity-bobbity-boo! I am so grateful to my wonderful friends who helped me with the kids! I couldn't have done it. I just miss all my Mom's group friends already and I don't always see them much outside of meetings. Love you all!

Now that the photographer, and even a videographer have been here I can breathe easy for a few days. Our house listing should post Monday or Tuesday. Now I just have to wrap up our lives here and close out what has been our home for almost five years...within the next two weeks. No biggie right?

K, why the move if I'm being such a downer about it? It is stressing me out, but its a wonderful move for us really! Kyle is transferring with Williams and he'll be a data analyst. I kept asking, "You're sure you'll like a desk job?"  He is school boy excited about it and it will get him a foot in the door for working in the Safety Department. My parents live in the Tulsa area, so wow, it will be amazing to live near some family. We are also extremely excited to have the conveniences of a bigger town! This job and move are honestly wonderful blessings and wow its happening FAST!

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